Playroom Organizing Ideas

Playroom Organizing Ideas

One of the things I struggle with most is dealing with all of the crap that litters our floors. I have a two year old who is the primary source of our post tornado looking house but his older brother and sister are still accessories. To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld's insightful take on it, ‘having a two year old is like having a blender without a … Read More


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Dairy, Egg and Soy Free

I am a salt fanatic but my sugar weakness is chocolate chip cookies. I L.O.V.E. chocolate chip cookies. I really liked it when the kids were little and they didn't notice when I was eating a cookie, now I have to be all stealth about it, so … Read More


eczema face title 2

Infant Eczema: 3 Ways to Ease Discomfort

Within a couple of weeks of our littlest guy being born, his skin broke out in eczema combined with an atrocious case of cradle cap. The poor guy was a mess. It was a long road of doctors visits and specialist referrals before I got on a … Read More


Working Mom

A Letter of Gratitude to Working Moms

Today I read A Letter of Gratitude to Stay-at-Home Moms. I felt compelled to write a response expressing how I have often felt, but not sure I have adequately shared with the working moms in our lives. Dear Working Moms, I want to start off by saying thank you. … Read More


Slow Down: A Reminder for Those Days When Things Are Crazy

Slow Down: A Reminder for Those Days When Things Are Crazy

I found this music video by Nichole Nordeman the other day called "Slow Down" and it turned me into a puddle. I was having an especially challenging day and just thought you know what, I might seriously lose my marbles here. Then I heard this song … Read More