10 Things About Me


Me and The KidsAs a result of having this post go viral, there are a lot of new faces checking out the site so I thought I would share a little bit about me.

  1. I recently found this article that describes me perfectly. I’m an outgoing introvert apparently, because why not pigeon hole yourself. The article is titled 10 Things You Need to Know About Dating the Outgoing Introvert – so let’s reword it to 10 Things You Need to Know about Hanging Out With the Outgoing Introvert…since I’m not really dating these days. My cousin’s boyfriend posted it on her page so it must be a family thing, the outgoing introvertedness.In summary: I really like people but I also really enjoy my alone time. There are many other useful nuggets about what is going on in my brain since I tend to be quiet about it, unless I’m writing of course, or drinking. Maybe this should be moved to #10, that’s a lot of sharing for #1.


  1. I have 3 big-hearted, little kids. Right now is when I would like time to stop. Just freeze these moments because we are at stages that I really don’t want to have end. They are each such thoughtful little people and I love them to pieces.

Shine On Mom Maple Leaf

  1. Jeans and coffee. Those are the only material things I need in life to get by. I wear jeans. all. the. time. They are the one item of clothing I would be lost without. And coffee, well I’m sure you can relate to my coffee addiction. Life just requires coffee to be able to function properly, it seems. That can’t be good for us, but let’s not worry about that right now.

Veggie SteamerVeggie Steamer and Brussels Sprouts

  1. My most used kitchen utensil is from the 1970s. Do you have one of these things? I think ours might actually be from 1975, I inherited it from my husband’s family but we had one growing up too. I use it nearly every day to steam veggies. Why do you need to know this? I don’t know. I was thinking maybe everyone should have one.
  2. My favorite game is Trivial Pursuit because I am a supernerd for useless information. I love factoids, probably because they are easier to digest than long complicated theories. Did you know that your wingspan (right, just like you think, stretch out your arms and measure finger tip to finger tip) is supposed to be equal to your height? I am 5’9” do you know how long my wingspan is? 6 feet! Which leads me to…


  1. I have ridiculously long arms. Like seriously, most times I just don’t even know what to do with them. Winter is the worst, I should really move to Florida. My sleeves always stop half way up my arm, it is so uncomfortable. Wah. wah, right? I know.  One the plus side, I have really good photos of me and my husband that I have taken myself.

The Ocean

  1. Water grounds me and makes me feel calm. But I have a fear of losing sight of the shore. Mostly because I feel like I’m a strong enough swimmer I can always make it home. But as soon as I lose sight of the shore, well that’s when things could get dicey. I refuse to go on a cruise for that reason, but I’m starting to weaken my resolve because we have a lot of food allergies in our house and apparently the Disney Cruises are amazing for food allergies, so… we’ll see. I might just buy a wearable compass, I don’t think that would be so strange.
  1. I like being active but I really dislike working out (immensely dislike). If you can camouflage my workout into a sport then I love it. But as soon as it is ‘working out’ I’ll find anything to do to avoid it. I have battles in my brain all the time about how I should work out more, but then … there’s that blog thing I should work on, thing I need from the store, shower I need to take, words with friends word I need to play, poop I need to scoop (did I mention we have a dog?).

 Long arm selfie with me and my guy(photo taken by my go-go gadget arm)

  1. My husband and I are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary this year. We were told by a group of our friends this weekend that we are their ‘mature friends that aren’t mature’. How awesome is that? I think that might be the best compliment we could get. We’ll just pretend they weren’t calling us ‘old idiots’.
  1. Above all things: kindness. Taking extra care with our words and actions can go such a long way and our kids really do take notice. Kindness with a healthy dose of humor of course, life is always better when you are laughing.

Thanks for stopping by, since one-way sharing is kind of lonely, tell me something about you!





  1. Kate says

    It is soooooo nice to have Shine on mom back!!!!! Although very sad to see you go back to Chicago. Maybe you will be back soon?!

  2. Linds says

    You do have long arms, but you also have very long legs so maybe it isn’t your arms that are disproportionate…..food for thought. Love you

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