40 Things My Mother Has Taught Me


Today is my 40th birthday, hooray! In honour of my birth date I would like to take a moment to celebrate my mother, Joanie (as we lovingly like to call her) and share some of the wisdom she has imparted to me over the last four decades.

Some of these are straight from her mouth, and I can hear her voice as I repeat the phrases to my own kids; some are things that I have learned from her by the way that she lives her life. And many I am still trying to work on and hope to master in my next 40 years.

40. Learn to laugh at yourself.

39. Make your bed every day.

38. Grooming matters.

37. The sweetest sound a person will ever hear is the sound of their own name.

36. Things always seem worse at night. Tomorrow it all will be better.

35. Be thankful for what we have.

34. Save your pennies.

33. Liver and Brussels sprouts are a terrible dinner to feed children.

32. Learn to eat foods you do not like, it will come in handy as an adult.

31. Don’t hold a grudge, it is a waste of time and energy.

30. Listen to people’s stories. Everyone has something they are eager to share if you are willing to listen.

29. You can ask your mother anything and you will get a truthful answer.

28. Laugh often.

27. Cold weather and cold water keep you hearty.

26. Nurses are the best people to have as moms.

25. Nurses have a wacky sense of humour when it comes to hospital stuff ;)

24. If you make a promise, keep it.

23. If you are told a secret, don’t share it.

22. There are jobs that need to be done and everyone needs to pitch in.

21. “Yes, please”, “No, thank you” and “Pardon?”

20. Bring your food up to your mouth, not your mouth down to your food.

19. How you say something is just as important as what you say.

18. No. You can’t have that, go there, do that.

17. Be kind.

16. Thank you notes are important.

15. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

14. Just be yourself.

13. Friends who know how to make you laugh when things are especially dark are the ones that you want to keep close.

12. Be that friend for others.

11. You don’t always have to say the right thing, but you have to show up.

10. Weddings and funerals are important events that you should move mountains to attend.

9. Look people in the eye when you are speaking with them.

8. Don’t make a scene.

7. Mothers are not there to be your best friend. They are there to catch you when you need it and nudge you when you don’t think you can.

6. Trust.

5. It will all work out, even though right now you may not be able to see how.

4. Share your feelings.

3. Volunteer.

2. Happy hour is only for days that end in ‘Y’.

1. Family first.

Mom and Me

Thank you, mom, for being my bright shining light with your strength, love and humour. You have shown by example what it is to be a kind, caring, hard-working, lover of life. Happy birth day to us!

Love you mucho.





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