Paleo Meatballs


My youngest has food allergies to milk, eggs and soy so I have been using a lot of paleo and vegan recipes in my search to find good tasting food for him.  This recipe came from a friend of mine who posts a lot of paleo recipes for Windy City Crossfit. Here is the original post. […]

Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night


Some people can function as a regular human being on no sleep.  Me, I crack.  I become someone that I really don’t like and usually end up as a big puddle on the floor.  Alright, that is being a little dramatic but I really don’t cope well.  So imagine my state when babies were introduced […]

Belly Wraps for Healing Not Just for Looking Hot

Belly Wraps for Healing

So you had a baby. And now you don’t recognize your body any more. No? That’s just me? I noticed after my second child that I had a gap in my stomach muscles that wouldn’t fuse back together. It wasn’t large enough that I gave it much thought, but I always thought it was odd. […]