Belly Wraps for Healing Not Just for Looking Hot


Belly Wraps for Healing
So you had a baby. And now you don’t recognize your body any more. No? That’s just me?

I noticed after my second child that I had a gap in my stomach muscles that wouldn’t fuse back together. It wasn’t large enough that I gave it much thought, but I always thought it was odd. I have since found out it is not a good thing to have and it is easily fixed.

While in my last trimester with my third child I decided to buy a couple of post pregnancy wraps that were being advertised on, they are part of the Tauts-Belly Wraps for Post Pregnancy line that Brooke Burke owns. I was feeling rather large at the time and I will fully admit that the reason I bought them was because I wanted to give myself every chance of having a flat stomach once this baby was out.

Okay, and I wanted to look like Brooke Burke. Come on, who doesn’t. I know, I was totally delusional, but I was pregnant, its allowed.

Once I bought them, I started telling people about these wraps, half making fun of myself, the other half totally convinced that I was a genius. Well, not long after I bought them a friend of mine showed up at one of the kids’ classes we attended. She was two weeks post-partum and she looked great, when I said so, she lifted her shirt and showed me her wrap, and sheepishly said that she was wearing a Brooke Burke belly wrap. Amazed that this was actually a thing, I told her that I had mine waiting at home for me already for when my baby came.

Another girlfriend of mine said the hospital actually gave her a wrap when she had her baby. I made a note to make sure I asked the hospital for one too, just for comparison sake.

Then on a girls trip one of my besties was wearing one and we got to talking about them (are you starting to feel like it’s a movement? At this point, I was). It turns out she had an 8 finger gap which works out to be about 5 inches, this is pretty serious business. Think about the organs that are behind your stomach wall that no longer have the protection from your muscles that are normally there.  So she was under strict orders to wear a belly wrap at all times and was limited in the physical activity that she could do because certain things could make it worse, like sit ups.

Fast-forward, baby comes, hospital gives me a belly wrap without me asking. Theirs is really just a giant stretchy band of Velcro. This is my third baby in 4 and a half years and this is the very first time that the hospital has ever offered me a belly wrap. I immediately put it on and I don’t know about you but in the hospital right after the baby is born, I could pass as someone 8 months pregnant, there is no flat stomach anywhere on the horizon and it wasn’t even a goal, I was just trying to get myself to and from the bathroom after my c-section.

Belly Wrap

The wrap gave me support that my muscles weren’t providing, due to their having just supported 2 human beings for the last 9 months and all.

When I got home I started wearing the Tauts ones all day and they were great.  They were a lot more supportive than the hospital one and because I was on my feet all day with my other kids I didn’t get as worn out as quickly. I stopped wearing them daily after about 2 months.

It was at that point that I started seeing a physical therapist for post natal support for scar tissue.  She immediately noticed the gap between my stomach muscles which she called Diastasis Recti.  She may not have, but that is what it is called.  She told me I had to wear a tummy wrap all day, every day.

This gap that I had after my daughter I still had after this baby, and it was still about the same size.  I didn’t realize it isn’t good to have the gap and these wraps are what are required to fix it.  Lifting my kids in and out of the car, carrying my baby in the carseat, going to the gym, all of that puts strain on your stomach muscles that are not fully healed yet.

My son is 5 months old and I’m still wearing it every day.  My gap is down to half a finger and I completely notice a difference, not only that but I know I’ve done the right thing to heal myself and I didn’t even really mean to.

My OB never told me about it, and I never asked. If I hadn’t gone to a physical therapist I would have stopped wearing the wraps and lived the rest of my life with a gap in my stomach muscles, which could easily be made worse by doing the wrong kind of work outs.

It really amazes me that it wasn’t until this last pregnancy that I ever really heard about wraps.  I knew about them because I’ve been blogging on Brooke Burke’s site for over 2 years but I never gave much thought to the importance of one.  Now I’m telling everyone I know that is pregnant to get one, don’t even think about it, just do it, you won’t be sorry.

Have you experienced this?  What did you do?




Disclosure Note #1: The link to is an affiliate link. If you purchase this wrap through this link then I will get a referral fee.

Disclosure Note #2: I am a featured blogger on Brooke’s site, I bought my own Tauts wraps and no one ever asked me to write anything. When I have information that I’m surprised I didn’t know before, I feel compelled to share it with you.  This way we can all have awesome abs together.






  1. Martha Stefanski says

    I am 62. Had Hysterectomy many years back. Area under nelly button huge smiley face scar. No ovaries left; bladder sling made.

    Weight 198.

    I wonder if this could still help me strengthen my muscles. ( don’t laugh ).
    I can’t stand long. Belly weight. Type II Diabetic. Never lose weight.
    Muscles so weak, I often feel I am leaning forward when I walk.

    Couldn’t hurt to try.
    Going to try get TAUT’S wrap.

  2. Ashwinee says

    It was common practice in India to wrap the belly with home made adjustable wraps. After my c-sections here though, i found it very uncomfortable to wear a wrap. I am glad it wirked for you.

  3. says

    No body ever toll me about this. Does it work for older premenopausal women to. Had a cecixon and a parishall h . don. Love to have feed back about it.

  4. Rick Lambert says

    The wrap makes sense as an aid to other appropriate measures such as eating correctly and gradually introducing the right amount of activity. These wraps are aiding repair, the common observation is the separation of the two main muscle groups – the rectus abdominus. This leave a gap right down your middle! Its fun! But also repairable if the gap is not held open. So, yes, the wrap seems a good simple tool to increase the chance of reunion of the central connection of this muscle. I suspect the wrap also benefits recovery in another way. Behind all this muscle is the abdominal cavity which holds all your intestines. These are held in place by the abdominal muscles and by the Omenta. The Omenta are sheets of tissue that are like a ribbon. One edge of the ribbon follows and wraps around the intestine, the other attaches to the rear wall of the abdomen, near the spine. Inside this ribbon are the blood vessels and nerves that go to and fro from body to intestines. The omenta is not just a fatty ribbon, it is a support and a supply route. It has elasticity and contractility. It is not a muscle, it is fascia. Fascia has a unique property, it is a nearly passive supporting structure or wrap, but it can also react to change by contracting. So a belly wrap can also aid the reconstruction, back to a pre pregnancy level, that shape and strength of the Omenta. As the Omenta recovers its shape then the intestines are going to hang from the wall of the abdomen in a healthy manner.

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