DIY Christmas Ornament for New Babies or New Couples


My sister in law made me these gorgeous Christmas tree ornaments that have each of my kids’ birth announcements inside. I cried when I opened them, and I don’t cry! I love them. They are such a great gift idea for any momentous occasion – you can use a baby’s birth announcement or you could use a wedding announcement.

Many of you have asked how you make it so here is the step by step for you.

You will need:

Announcement card
Clear glass ornament
Optional: Paper cutter

Christmas Tree Ornament DIY

Start with the announcement card and photo if one is not included in the announcement.

Christmas Tree Ornament DIY2 websize

Establish what part of the announcement card is important to highlight and cut with a paper cutter or scissors.

Christmas Tree Ornament DIY3 websize

Make the pieces different sizes to add interest to the final product. You won’t need to use all of the pieces.

Christmas Tree Ornament DIY4 websize

Roll each piece around your finger to get the shape you want.

Christmas Tree Ornament DIY5 websize

Use scissors for added curl and hold. Some pieces can be tightly curled while others can be more loose depending on what details you would like to highlight.

Christmas Tree Ornament DIY6 websize

Place them inside the clear glass ornament.

Christmas Tree Ornament DIY7 websize

Replace top and voila. A beautiful gift for the holidays.

Christmas Tree Ornament DIY8 websize

One that will be cherished, year after year.

Wishing you and yours a magical holiday.






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