Green Turtle Smoothie


Green Turtle Smoothie
photo credit: Irina Fortey

Welcome back to Fuel Your Body Friday! If this is your first visit, I’m glad you joined us!

This month I’m partnering with Baby Brain Organics to bring you some great smoothie recipes. Baby Brain Organics is run by Amy who is also a mom and by my standards a health guru, really by everyone’s standards, she’s amazing. They make BABY and KIDS powder boosters that you can add to your kids’ regular meals, which makes getting healthy nutrients into them (the kids) a lot easier.

Check out some other smoothie recipes from Fuel Your Body Friday’s this month:

A funny thing has happened since I started this Fuel Your Body Friday frenzy (I like alliteration).  I realized today that we have actually become healthier in recent weeks. “We have become healthier” translates to, “I have purchased and made healthier food, and they have eaten it”. So yes, it is me and it is not without its arguments from the littles, nor is it anywhere near perfect, but it is progress and that should always be the goal in healthy eating.

It reminds me of that commercial* where a woman starts eating something healthy for breakfast and then she starts making healthier choices throughout the day. I forget what it was for but I’m kind of like that now.  It is largely driven by a recent celiac diagnosis in our family add to that our existing food allergies and cooking and making school lunches feels kind of like taking a Mensa quiz (really really really brain twisting).

All that said, I am grateful to have these smoothie recipes to try out and Baby Brain Organics to throw in them as well as in pretty much anything else I’m making. I made Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Corn Bread the other night and threw in a few tablespoons of Baby Brain Organics to add some extra nutrients. Unfortunately, the kids hated the cornbread, but my husband loves it so at least someone is getting some bonus nutrients.

Back to the smoothie of the week, if there are any kiddos out there that are planning on being a Ninja Turtle for Halloween this year, this can be their power juice to get them through their trick-or-treat run. Brilliant to whom ever came up with the name because a green smoothie can be a bit of a red flag for kids but calling it a Turtle Smoothie or Ninja Turtle Smoothie and you just might be able to get them to try it.

To all the parents out there if you would like a plan to mitigate the sugarload at Halloween, have a look at my post about the Switch Witch, she rocks.

Green Turtle Smoothie


3 apples
2 cups of kale
large chunk of fresh ginger (I love ginger, but add to taste, if you find it overwhelming)
slice of lime
3 Tbsp Baby Brain Organics
1 cup coconut water or filtered water
1 handful of alfalfa sprouts


Blend until smooth. Add 1 cup of ice, blend until smooth again and ENJOY!

Makes 4 smoothies

A big thank you to Amy at BBO for giving us these recipe ideas and the Baby Brain Organics to put in them. Follow me on Instagram for contest details about winning a 3 month supply of Baby Brain Organics for your family!

CHEERS to you and all you do to keep your body healthy and strong!



*Please excuse all references to commercials as they will be seriously outdated. Since the advent of the PVR/DVR/TiVo (depending on where you live) I no longer watch commercials on TV, sorry media people.


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