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We aren’t quite sophisticated enough in our house to be participating in April Fool’s day, we’re more at the beginner joke level of humour.  In fact, my house has become a joke factory where there are no rules and the jokes don’t need to make any sense, but damn if they aren’t hilarious to the person telling them.

The joke tellers are 6 and 5 so just about anything makes them laugh if they think it is supposed to be funny.  Therein lies the hilarity of it all for me.  Hearing them belly laugh with each other about this string of words they have just put together is really quite entertaining.

That is until I’m required to participate.  This is where I draw the line, even though the ones that involve me are usually the ones they have chosen that actually make sense. I still can’t do it for much more than one joke.

Eddie (my husband) has a pile of books that his family kept and gave to us at some point a while back.  It is a great collection and includes The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, a bunch of Stuart Little books and others that the kids will enjoy when they are older.

Up until recently their favourite was Eddie’s My Book about Me which he filled out as a 6 year old, it is so cute! I had the same one and I loved filling it out when I was a kid. I made fun of Eddie for still having his, but truth is, I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of mine.

My Book About Me

The other one that is currently part of their bedtime routine is this one:

The Joke Book

This is from 1970 something or other and the jokes are easily from well before that era. They are terrible!  But the kids love them so we read it frequently.

The joke that is getting the most airtime from my 5 year old daughter (nearly every other breath) is this:

Her: Hey mom, do you hear something?
Me:  No, I don’t honey.
Her: That’s funny because I’m talking to you.
Me: (Internal voice) wuh. wuh.

Her: Hey mom, do you hear something?
Me: Yes, you’re talking to me. (I’m so not fun apparently)
Her: No you don’t, I’m not talking to you.
Me: Right. Okay. Hey, ‘Snow glows white on the mountain side…
(cue her exit to go and belt out the lyrics to Frozen till she’s blue in the face)

My son, who is six, is in to Knock Knock jokes but he insists on telling you why they are funny.  This totally cracks me up.

My son:  Hey mom, Knock knock
Me: Who’s there?
Him: Corn.
Me: Corn who?
Him: Hey, could you turn me into popcorn.  Get it? Because who would want to be just corn when you could be popcorn?
Me: Well obviously, right?

I’m terrible at remembering jokes so I found a few that should keep your kids entertained and might make you laugh.  Ok, I’ll just admit it, they make me laugh.

There are two muffins baking in an oven.  One muffin turns to the other and says, “Boy it sure is hot in here”. The other muffin says, “HOLY COW, A TALKING MUFFIN!”

image via buzzfeed
Why did Tigger stick his head down the toilet?
He was looking for Pooh!


Interrupting Cow
Knock Knock
Who’s There?
Interupping Cow


What does a nosey pepper do?
Gets jalapeno business!


Do you remember any good kid friendly jokes?


For more jokes see The Kids Activity blog.






  1. Linds says

    I LOVE the jalapeño joke! (Must be said with a Spanish accent). Here is another kid-friendly one:

    Q: How do you introduce a hamburger?
    A: Meet Patty……


  2. says

    My 8 year old is all about jokes lately. And he is bringing along the 4 year old for a ride. They sure come up with some interesting ones (and only funny to them of course). But I laugh because it is fun to watch them try to be creative about it all.

    Just stopping in from the UBP14 to say hi!

    • says

      Hi Brandy!
      Thanks for stopping by. Its so funny to listen to them isn’t it? I would imagine your 4 year old thinks your 8 year old is hilarious and has no idea why.

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