Childhood Vaccines


There was an article not too long ago in Parenting Magazine called “The Absolute Truth About Vaccines”, subsequently I got a call from the CDC interested in my opinions about vaccines and what we have elected to do with our children. So with vaccines on the brain I wanted to get your opinions.  Can you feel […]

Childhood Cancer: Facing Survival

Childhood Cancer Survivor Hugh

September is Childhood Cancer awareness month and I wanted to take the opportunity to help raise awareness of the struggle kids with cancer and their families face. One of my dear friends, Kate, has gone through the unimaginable with her son Hugh. He was diagnosed with brain cancer at 4 ½ years of age. When […]

Belly Wraps for Healing Not Just for Looking Hot

Belly Wraps for Healing

So you had a baby. And now you don’t recognize your body any more. No? That’s just me? I noticed after my second child that I had a gap in my stomach muscles that wouldn’t fuse back together. It wasn’t large enough that I gave it much thought, but I always thought it was odd. […]