The Naked Egg: Kid’s Science Experiments Gone Awry


Naked Egg Experiment
It is with the best of intentions that I start our summer vacation all gung-ho with a brain full of inspiring activities for the kids. We are going to bring fun-ducation to our house this summer dammit, they will not lose all of the skills they worked hard to learn over the course of the year.  We’ll read exciting books and write in our journals and do awe inspiring science experiments. Hooray! I’m the best mom ever.

Oh looky here, its almost August, my how the time flies. To date, we have accomplished two pages of a writing journal and one disaster of a science experiment.

I’ll admit it, I am a big royal fail of a mom when it comes to coaxing my kids to read and write. “Let’s go play outside”, they say. “Oh alright fine, let’s go”, I concede.

But science, I LOVE science. I could do science experiments all day long. Unfortunately, we got off to a bad start with our Naked Egg experiment and sort of lost our steam. From what the kids told me after seeing it on TV, I understood that they would become bouncy-egg-balls. I’m smart, I’m not sure why with the list of items you need for this I thought the eggs would somehow become rubberized. It must have been my over-eagerness for funducation.

Try it if you like, but maybe read up on it first here, like what the purpose of it is. I think you are supposed to do a lot more of a chemistry explanation than I did for my 7, 5 and 2 year old.

The Naked Egg

Warning: Maybe if you have a kid with an egg allergy like I do, you should think twice about attempting this.

What You Need:
– A raw egg. I did an egg per child, so 3
– Vinegar
– A container

What You Do:
Place the raw egg in a container of vinegar so that the egg is submerged as best it can be. Wait….

Naked Egg Experiment
After a day you’ll notice that part of the shell dissolves away. If you leave it for another day the shell disappears and instead the membranes of the egg have absorbed the vinegar and keep the raw egg intact. In a somewhat more bulbous form.

Naked Egg Experiment

Same egg, no shell. It is pretty neat really, but then it got stressful.

What You Do NOT Do:

Bounce or drop it or attempt to squish it.

Naked Egg Experiment

This is where it got stressful, only because my youngest is allergic to eggs. I had wrapped his in plastic wrap after my daughter broke hers on the floor.

Naked Egg Experiment

The plastic wrap did not help.

I said above that I was smart right, still believe me? No? I’m with you. All ended up fine and no one had a reaction. I think I’ll go back to my old standby of making a volcano with vinegar and baking soda.

I still have one more month to redeem myself so if you have any good ideas for experiments I’m all ears!





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      Ooooh I like the sounds of Oobleck, that sounds cool especially since the kids are totally fascinated by quicksand. Plus it doesn’t sound like we could get into too much trouble with that. Thanks for the idea CJ!

  1. says

    Oh my goodness! I feel like this is my future. I get “brilliant” ideas all the time that turn into total disasters. I can’t imagine how much more “fun” it’s going to be when I throw the kid into the mix ;-)

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      Ha! The best part is that the kids will always remind you about how “brilliant” your ideas were. Lol. My children prefer to use the word terrible. “Mom, remember when we did the egg experiment? That was such a TERRIBLE idea, what were you thinking?” Yes, thanks hon, I remember. It cracks me up. I don’t know Trish, you gotta try though right?

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