Moving With Kids: Children, Change and Starting Anew

Moving Day

Image credit: © Wavebreakmediamicro | We recently packed up our brood; three kids and the family dog and moved ‘internationally’.  Alright, so internationally makes it sound far more exotic than it was, we moved from Chicago to Toronto; while culturally they are very similar, it is a move that is not without its immigration […]

The Switch Witch

The Switch Witch

The Switch Witch was introduced to me a few years ago by a mom-friend of mine. I laughed when she said it because I thought there is NO WAY my kids would go for it, but lo and behold, they think she is the best thing ever. Have you heard of her? You might want […]

My Daughter’s Imaginary Family

My Daughter's Imaginary Family

WARNING: The first paragraph is kind of creepy so if you are scared of the boogieman then I would skip it. My girlfriend once told me that the names of imaginary friends are actually names of children that have died in your house. That’s an awesome urban legend isn’t it? Her imaginary friend’s name was […]

Childhood Cancer: Facing Survival

Childhood Cancer Survivor Hugh

September is Childhood Cancer awareness month and I wanted to take the opportunity to help raise awareness of the struggle kids with cancer and their families face. One of my dear friends, Kate, has gone through the unimaginable with her son Hugh. He was diagnosed with brain cancer at 4 ½ years of age. When […]

Does Birth Order Affect Personality?

Birth Order

I have always been fascinated by birth order and how it shapes an individual’s personality so significantly.  When you think about it, in which order you are born is arbitrary, its not like all the bossy people happen to come out of the womb first,  but is it coming out of the womb first and […]

Tips for Kicking the Thumb Sucking Habit

Breaking Thumb Sucking

I have gone through kicking the thumb sucking habit with two of my three kids and had a wildly different experience with each child.  The first was clean and easy, the second we had a few false starts but we finally broke through. The main thing I learned is that it only works if your […]