Playroom Organizing Ideas


One of the things I struggle with most is dealing with all of the crap that litters our floors. I have a two year old who is the primary source of our post tornado looking house but his older brother and sister are still accessories.

To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld’s insightful take on it, ‘having a two year old is like having a blender without a top’.  Stuff just ends up everywhere.

I would like to invent this system that can be installed in your house that is sort of like a central vac but for toys and odds and ends that wind up on the floor, the piece of Lego, drum stick, plastic zebra, toy dog leash, rainbow loom hook, the head of Darth Vader the Lego person, Tinkerbell shoe, remote control to something…okay I’ll stop but I did that just from spinning my head while I’m sitting at my desk.

You could sweep all of this crap into my central vac type system and it would go into a toy separator that would put all of it into buckets or baskets or whatever fancy storage system you have and all your toys would be nicely separated however you want them.  All you have to do is take the bucket, basket, fancy storage thing back to the playroom once it was full.

Until my Willy Wonka idea becomes a reality I will suffer through, what is really just a lack of enthusiasm for picking up the toys that litter the ground.  My real enthusiasm comes from an organized room (not sure when I got so lame).

Right now, I’m feeling unorganized so I have been looking into cool playroom ideas lately and here are a few that I have found that I love.

Playroom Organizing

I would like to take a second to rave about this table from Land of Nod. We have it in the dark stain version (image on the bottom) and it has withstood 7 years of wear and tear and still looks great. The drawers slide out so easily and I dump all of the kids Lego in it among other random items as you can see.  Its a great height for the kids to sit or kneel on the floor and build their towers or Lego structures. This is not an ad, I’m just a fan.


Playroom Organizing

Vehicles are one thing that I find hard to store. I generally throw them in baskets but then they get forgotten about. I love this magnetic strip on the wall that will hold them in plain view but still keep them up off the floor and organized.

I love re-purposing things to add character to a room, with a vintage feel. Our playroom is on the main floor so keeping it kid friendly but not having it be bright coloured plastic is totally up my alley.  I am going to go find one of these wagons to make, I just love it.



This wooden box looks repurposed but it was actually a DIY project. Again, love the old style look to it and you can make it yourself or buy the original from Pottery Barn if  you’re not so handy.  Or, you know, don’t really have time to hand craft a wooden box for your kids’ toys.


Playroom Organizing

ART. AH, what to do with all of the art. While I like framing a piece of the kids art to put on display they come home with so much that I can’t keep up. This is a great way swap out new projects quick and easy. Plus it kind of looks like art just on its own.



I like the idea of open storage like the shelves in this photo. In reality, ours would probably never look this nice and staged but I like the bottom lip on these shelves so things stay put. I also like the corkboard art display idea, swapping art easily is a bonus.



How cute is this!! I’ve always wondered what the heck to do with all of the stuffed animals. I have giant collapsible bags that I toss them in but this is a really creative idea as long as you can get past them looking like they are in jail. Organizing Homelife had both this on their site and the wagon, check out her site for more inspiration.



This to me is genius and I tried to track it back to the original poster and I couldn’t find them. So whoever designed this, you are very clever. I love having dress up clothes hung up. We have most of them hung up in our house on a $9 IKEA metal clothes rack with kid hangers and its great. But with dress-up clothes come dress-up accessories which is why I like this so much. All of the shoes, wings, headbands, hats and masks can be tossed into the bottom for easy storage, and easy digging for little people.

What ideas have you found that you love? What do you do for organizing your kids’ stuff? Because I imagine we’re all playing with the same toys so we all have the same issues, no?



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