What We’re Reading: Recommendations for the Whole Family


What We Are ReadingIts #WorldBookDay! I generally try and avoid the social media clamor around national-what-ever-it-happens-to-be-day because honestly, I’m just not that organized. But I have books I wanted to share for a variety of reasons so today seems as good a day as any.

These are the books we are hooked on at the moment and for me, its a really big deal. Finding books everyone enjoys reading is not always easy. It is much easier to sit down in front of Minecraft and build an elaborate village than it is to immerse yourself in a book. But we’re getting there.

I Survived The Chicago Fire
8 Year Old Boy: I Survived Series

I went on a buying binge recently to try and find something engaging because the Captain Underpants and Diary of a Wimpy Kid series were keeping him entertained but I’m not sure they were advancing his reading at all. I tried Choose Your Own Adventure, it didn’t take.

There are also a few others in the pile but this is the series toward which he has gravitated. There are about 10 different books, each focusing on an historical disaster and how a boy experiences each of these and lives to tell the tale. I started with The Great Chicago Fire because he learned about it in school this year so I thought it would grab his attention. Huge success.

Ivy and Bean
7 Year Old Girl: Ivy + Bean Series

I have never seen anyone so excited to start a book before. I received complaints that we had nothing she was interested in reading and that she wanted something that wasn’t too girlie or princessey. So this is what we settled on and so far it has held her attention and she enjoys the story about the two friends.


Chica Chica Boom Boom
4 Year Old Boy: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

In the true nature of a 4 year old we have been reading this one consistently for about a month or more now and there no signs of it being shelved anytime soon. There are plenty of books that we have that I dread him getting hooked on but not this one. Its super cute and not too long ;)

The Short Drop
40 Year Old Mom of Three: The Short Drop

Oh hey, I read too! I loved this book and honestly, it could totally be a movie. My friend’s brother wrote the book and I bought it because that’s what you do for friends. But seriously, I couldn’t put it down. Its a political thriller without focusing on politics, instead follows an ex-military guy as he searches for his childhood friend who has been missing for a decade. Go buy it. You’ll like it.

So that is what we are reading. But life moves fast and we’ll be done these before I can think about what to back fill them with so if you have any recommendations for any age, I’ll take them!





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