Sexual Consent Explained with Tea


This video should be shown at high schools, colleges and universities everywhere. It is by far the best explanation of sexual consent I have ever seen. Well done, Thames Valley Police Department.

While my kids (2 boys and a girl) are a bit young to know anything about sexual consent, they are not too young to understand that their body is their own and they make the rules. If they don’t want to hug someone for example, or be hugged, that is entirely up to them.

If they want to hug someone we try and abide by Yes, Means Yes (instead of No Means No). Ask for permission instead of making the recipient of the hug stand up and say,

“That makes me uncomfortable, No”.

A small distinction, but an important one especially as they get older. I say we try, because it is still a concept that requires repeating. In their mind everyone should want a hug from me, I’m trying to make them feel better…which, of course and most people wouldn’t argue with that. But I think in the long run, as they shift into more mature relationships, the mindset of Yes Means Yes will be an important one for all 3 of them to carry with them.

What are your thoughts on all of this?





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