Slow Down: A Reminder for Those Days When Things Are Crazy


Slow Down: A Reminder for Those Days When Things Are CrazyI found this music video by Nichole Nordeman the other day called “Slow Down” and it turned me into a puddle.

I was having an especially challenging day and just thought you know what, I might seriously lose my marbles here. Then I heard this song and started to tear up. The emotional roller coaster of parenting is hard on the ol’ heart I tell ya. I can be frustrated about something one minute and the next I can feel like my heart is going to explode right out of my chest.

Being a parent is hard no matter what stage we are in and I am constantly doubting myself and wondering whether I’m doing a good enough job.

But here is the thing. If we really stop for a second and think about it, we are doing a great job. Our kids have a home and food and love and honestly, the rest is just gravy.

So the next time life gets hairy and you need a window into how we’re going to feel when the kids are off having kids of their own; here is a little song that might help you keep in the present. Or at least make you appreciate the now, no matter how hard that can be, (because it can be really hard sometimes!) but it does go by so quickly.

Happy Mother’s Day my friends. Thank you for all that you do. Enjoy the video…




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