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Meet the Switch Witch
The Switch Witch was introduced to me a few years ago by a mom-friend of mine. I laughed when she said it because I thought there is NO WAY my kids would go for it, but lo and behold, they think she is the best thing ever. Have you heard of her? You might want to consider having her stop by your house this Halloween.

The Switch Witch is a witch that comes by Halloween night and scoops up the candy that you leave on the front porch and leaves behind a small gift in exchange for the candy. Same idea as the tooth fairy. In fact, I believe they are sisters.

When she was first introduced to us I had a 5 and a 3 year old so they thought she was amazing and oh so magical. I love her because consuming the amount of candy they get around Halloween would be pretty gross. It also saves me the extra pounds I would put on sneaking treats from their trick-or-treat bags. Don’t pretend like you don’t do it too. ;)

Since then we have added a third kiddo to our brood and the Switch Witch will be more important to our family than ever before because my little guy has allergies to dairy, eggs and soy. He is 2 and it will be the first year that he is in on the fun of Halloween, even though he won’t fully understand what is going on.

Halloween night after the kids have had their fun trick-or-treating, they’ll make a pile of about 10-15 treats they want to keep and the rest will get put in a bag and left on our front porch for the Switch Witch. When they come down in the morning there will be a small surprise for each of them and they’ll still have a few treats to consume over the following few days.

In our house, they do not HAVE to leave out candy for the Switch Witch, it is entirely their choice. If they want to keep the candy, they are more than welcome to. If they want to double down and see what they get (which is generally a Dollar Store purchase), then they can put their loot on the front porch. I warn them that they may not like what the Switch Witch brings and there is no way to get the candy back. So far, each year they have chosen Switch Witch and been happy with their choice.

Because really, Halloween is so much more than just gorging on candy. Making fun Halloween decorations, carving pumpkins, dressing up as their favorite character, class parties, going out at night with their Dad, seeing their neighbors and friends, and getting the treats is all a ton of fun, right? With the Switch Witch everyone is happy and we can save ourselves the drama of all the sugar highs and lows that would otherwise happen over the next few weeks, not to mention the concerns with allergies.

In Chicago our dentist would collect left over candy and send it to the troops which I thought was a great idea. I am on the hunt for something similar in Canada so if you know of something I would love to know about it. Otherwise Eddie and I will be stuck eating it.

This has worked for us for the last few years and the kids talk about her during the year so I think we’re onto something good. I don’t know how long it will last but for now, I’m running with it.

What are you planning to do this Halloween?






  1. Kelley says

    I love your Switch Witch idea, although with a 7 & 8 year old in my house I fear I have missed the window. In past years I have had my kids each make a bag of candy that we then take down and donate to Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital. The candy is then given to kids who were unable to trick or treat. Good luck with it this year. I hope the kids go for the Switch Witch again!

    • says

      Hi Kelley, What a great idea! You just solved my problem, thank you!! I think I might have to have them each make 3 piles because I can see them being eager to donate to Sick Kids. Awesome, I love it. Thanks for stopping by the site today! Sarah

  2. Julie says

    Love it! I’m definitely going introduce the Switch Witch this year to our girls. They’ll love it.

    My kids actually tend to quickly forget about the candy after the first night (it’s the trick or treating part they love) but if the candy stays in the house the adults eat it! This way I have to get it out of the house.

    thanks Sarah!

    • says

      It really is great for everyone! lol. We’re the same, trick-or-treating is so much fun that they just don’t want it to end and that means the candy piles up. Getting it out of the house is a huge win all around.

      Can’t wait to hear what your girls think of it Julie!!

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