Threads for the Tiny People: Featuring mini mioche And A Girl


Mini Mioche
Welcome back to our Threads for the Tiny People series! This month I’m partnering with mini mioche to bring you some pint sized wardrobe inspiration.

My friend Alyssa started mini mioche when she had kids of her own, and has created an AMAZING line of organic kids clothing made start to finish in Canada. Excuse me while I yell ‘amazing’, but seriously walk into either of her stores or just browse online and she has come up with exactly what you (I) want to put my kids in. Basics that you can layer and swap with other pieces to make all new outfits, all fairly neutral colours and really well made. If you want to feel good about purchases you make then read all about the mini mioche story here.

This child can not get enough of this mini mioche slouchy beanie. When I told her that I bought it so she could share it with her brother she did all the negotiating in the world to try and win it over. Her brother, it would seem, is no match for his older sister – what’s a 2 year old to do? Maybe Santa will bring him one for Christmas.

My daughter can be found wearing this clothing style pretty much every day. She loves a snug pant/legging under a dress. It is comfy and lets her move without being the least bit confining. I remember being a kid and having to wear tights and just about losing my marbles at how uncomfortable they were, with the crotch riding low and the feet never fitting well with the heel bunching in my shoes, they were the worst! I would have given anything for this type of clothing freedom!

mini mioche outfit

Outfit Breakout:

Slouchy Beanie (jade)
- $17
– comes in 7 different colours
– sizes S (1-3), M(4-6), L(6 and up)
– 100% organic cotton

mini mioche x heart & habit raglan ball dress (jade)
- $44
– comes in 3 different colours
– sizes 6-12 months all the way up to 6 years
– 100% organic cotton

Snug Pant Fashion Colours (mushroom)
- $26
– comes in 11 different colours
– sizes 0-3 months all the way up to 6 years
– 100% organic cotton

If you want a teaser for just how luxurious this organic cotton feels go buy one of these slouchy beanies online and I promise you, you’ll be hooked. It is so crazy soft and comfortable. Or you know, since you’re there, just buy the whole outfit (also crazy soft and comfortable).

Mini Mioche 2
Follow along with us this month for more tiny people wardrobe inspiration and your chance to win a $100 shopping spree at mini mioche! They deliver worldwide so you there, living in not-Toronto can win too!

Check out last week’s look here.







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