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Mini Mioche
This month I’m partnering with Mini Mioche to bring you Thursday Threads for the Tiny People. I have expressed my fondness of alliteration before, have I not? It is the little things that make me happy, you know?  The way these partnerships go, I get to show you stuff that I really like and then at the end of the month I give you free stuff. Yay!

I’m dying over here as I’m trying to pick which photos to show you of my little guy and his ‘photo shoot’, so cute. Okay, the photo shoot was with his mom (me, in case I made that confusing) but he was hamming it up. He is quite happy with himself strutting around in these new duds, poor third child doesn’t see new duds very often.

I know you’re not necessarily asking, but if you were, I would describe my fashion sense as black on denim, with the occasional charcoal piece thrown in there, sometimes I venture over to white and its usually between Labour Day and May. Lucky for you I know fashionable peeps.

But when I’m buying clothes for my kids I’m thinking comfort, comfort, comfort, and no characters.  I have a 1 superhero wardrobe limit (not really but I’m trying to think of what they have in their closets right now, for the most part it holds true).  I have gone to lengths (I won’t say ‘great lengths’, because that would not be the truth) but ‘lengths’, to buy the kids outfits that I think are adorable, only to find that they are too constricting or any number of complaints about my choice that then sits untouched until it is too small.

This outfit all from Mini Mioche is super comfortable for a little man that likes to run around and climb. Comfort, comfort, comfort, AND adorable! You would be so surprised by the denim, it is ridiculously soft and flexible – easy to get on and off – so easy that he could do it himself. Both of the long sleeve shirts are 100% organic cotton all three items are Made in Canada.

Mini Mioche Outfit 1

Outfit Breakout:
Button Henley (Ink)
– $32
– comes in 4 different colours
– sizes 3-6 months up to child’s size 6

Dream Long Sleeve Tee Core Colours (White)
– $26
– comes in 7 different shades
– sizes 0-3 months all the way up to a child’s size 6

Denim (Dark Wash)
– $48
– comes in 6 different hues
– sizes 3-6 months all the way up to child’s size 6

If you want to feel good about purchases you make then read all about Mini Mioche here. In a nutshell they are a local Toronto company, making all of the products from start to finish here in Canada using organic materials and non-toxic dyes. And all of this is the brain child of a mom, of course!

Follow along with us this month for more Tiny People wardrobe inspiration and your chance to win a $100 shopping spree at Mini Mioche! They deliver worldwide so you there, living in not-Toronto can win too!

Thank you to Alyssa at Mini Mioche for putting together the wardrobe inspiration for us. It is so hard to chose, I really just want to buy the whole store.



Outtakes ;)

Mini MiocheMini Mioche



  1. Kate says

    Love Love Love Mini Mioche (my kids nick named them their ‘softee clothes’ – my son cried when I took away his size 6 jeans).

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